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Trading Conditions

IFX4U urges each individual trader to refer to our trading conditions, in order to get the best possible understanding of the terms of trading for each asset. Information regarding spreads, leverage and margin levels, and trading hours of CFD instruments, can provide critical information that will allow for a more fluid strategy both in money management and the trading itself.


Currency Trading has taken over the global financial spectrum. In years past, accessibility to the Foreign Exchange Market had eluded many investors, and the market struggled to expand. With the new age of technology and online trading, the currency market has truly soared over the past decade. Investors can now easily create a portfolio, consisting of currency pairs, commodities, and shares. The advantages are truly substantial, and it is evident in the expanding size of the market. At IFX4U, we offer a wide array of currency pairs, in an effort to provide our clients with as many choices as possible to incorporate into their personal portfolios.

CFD Trading

CFDs (Contract for Difference) is an agreement between 2 parties, in a futures contract, through which the differences in the price of the asset from the time the contract is purchased to the time it is sold, are to be settled through cash payments, without the physical delivery of the asset at hand. In other words, CFD traders speculate the future behavior of the asset, and open a position based on this projection. If a trader believes that the price will rise in the future, the likely result would be to buy the asset. Then, the two parties will settle solely based on the calculation of the difference in prices from the time the purchase took place, until the time when it is resold. The discrepancy in the price of the asset will determine the exact amount to be paid by one party to the other, relative to the volume of the trade.

CFD Trading has provided millions of traders from across the world with access to commodity markets, as well as other CFDs that are not accessible in the past.

At IFX4U, our clients receive access to a wide array of CFD assets, where they can speculate on the price of various assets in one convenient location. We offer CFD trading on highly traded assets, including Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and more.

IFX4U provides its traders with access to equity markets as well. A trader can take a position on some of the world’s largest indexes, including the S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX, and much more. Moreover, equity traders can capitalize on shares, without paying high fees and commissions that are incurred when trading through an exchange


IFX4U provides clients with full access to many types of tradable commodities. Traders have access to agricultural commodities, including Wheat, Sugar, Soybean, Coffee, and much more. Agricultural commodity trading is truly fascinating, since so many factors can influence prices, and a direct correlation can often be made to such variables. For instance, the amount of rainfall in farming regions affects the expected supply and demand of each commodity. In turn, the market prices of affected commodities will be reflected.

In addition to agriculture, commodities also include natural resources, such as energy and precious metals. Consumer demand for crude oil will surely influence the price of oil across financial markets. When supply of oil becomes limited, it stands to reason that the price of oil will rise. Many factors can influence the supply of oil. For example, political turmoil in the Middle East can cause an upward pressure on the price of oil, as uncertainty rises over the stability of the supply of oil from this region to the rest of the world. Obtaining a solid comprehension of the factors affecting the prices of commodities, will almost surely improve the performance of your portfolio.


Stock Indexes from across the globe have never been more accessible to the individual trader. Leading indexes, including the NADAQ and S&P 500 are now just a click away. These prices of these indexes are composed from the variations in prices of the leading shares traded on the indexes themselves. When there are positive gains in those shares, the price of the respective index will rise, as a reflection of the rising stock prices. For traders who are unsure of the upcoming performance of a particular stock, it might make more sense to decipher clues regarding the overall sentiment in the equity markets. If the trader is able to decipher an increase in risk appetite, it makes sense that index prices will rise. If uncertainty plagues the markets at any given time, it becomes more likely that investors will practice risk aversion, and index prices are more likely to fall. Understanding the behavior of indexes can improve your results and yield higher profits. Please refer to our education center for more information on how to increase your trading knowledge and profitability.


In the past, investors were forced to contact large financial institutions, in order to gain access to stocks. At IFX4U, you can incorporate stock trading within the same portfolio as your trades on other assets, including currencies and commodities. Trading stocks requires some level of knowledge regarding individual companies. While one stock may experience positive gains in any given day, another stock might not have similar results. If a company releases a quarterly performance report, showing substantial losses, the stock will likely fall. Contrarily, if another company experienced strong profits over the same time period, the stock of that company should rise in value. For this reason, trading stocks requires traders to dive in to the data, and to stay up to date regarding company operations. This will help to guide traders toward making the right decisions on which stocks to buy or sell.