Trading Technology

MetaTrader4, iOS and Android Apps

IFX4U emphasizes technological innovations in its everyday operations. Improving and keeping up with advancements in the IT field is critical to the success of any online trading firm. Therefore, we have invested in some of the leading trading software in the world, with the goal of providing our clients with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve. Successful trading is often materialized by the smallest margins, thereby creating a necessity for appropriate trading platforms and price feeds that can dramatically improve trading performance.

Metatrader 4

It is no coincidence that Metatrader 4 is by far the most popular and highly used trading platform in the Foreign Exchange market. MT4 has long been the dominant force across the market in part as a result of its simplicity, highly fast execution performance, and the availability of economic indicators and automated trading systems that can be incorporated into your trading strategy. Traders may implement a partially or fully automated trading strategy, through the use of Expert Advisors and Scripts to assure that their money is yielding additional profits even while traders are away from their computers. Other advantages of Metatrader 4 include but are not limited to the following:

• Trading reports and analysis of all or partial historical data

• Application of Expert Advisors and Scripts

• Multiple charting system allows for analyzing various assets simultaneously

• Available economic indicators for in depth technical analysis

• Access to market news and information through your Metatrader account

• Scalping and Hedging permitted

• Multilingual interface for any of the major languages in the world

• Email system allows for instant communication with IFX4U representatives and associates And much more!

Download the IFX4U Metatrader 4 trading platform today.

MT4 Webtrader

The 21st century has seen a transition from manual trading on the world’s largest stock markets, toward a vast network of online trading brokerages, which have made global markets accessible to millions of traders across the globe simultaneously. Individual traders control their own portfolios and in turn their success and prosperity levels. It is therefore imperative that accessibility to monitor and control of such accounts are available from a myriad of access points. IFX4U’s Webtrader does just that, allowing all traders full and unlimited access to their accounts from any computer in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser, and you can be connected to your trades in seconds. IFX4U has taken many steps to secure trading through our web platform, in order to assure that the safety of your funds remains secure. Take the next step to improving your results and access your account today through our Webtrader platform. If you have further questions regarding the functionality, security, or any other facet of IFX4U’s Webtrader, please contact us at any time at

Mobile Trading

Take your trading experience to a new level with IFX4U’s Mobile Trading program. IFX4U is offering its traders the ability to access and fully control their portfolios through mobile devices. Clients now can access their accounts through iPhone and Android devices, as well as various tablets. Our groundbreaking innovations in technology have allowed us to provide a multi-faceted Mobile Trading system, which incorporates a great deal of features not otherwise available in most mobile platforms. Giving traders an advantage in applying their strategy to their accounts from any device is equally as important as providing remote access. In turn, feedback received by IFX4U has confirmed the satisfaction of traders with our software, while portfolio performance remains strong and lucrative.

In order to obtain full access to your account from the palm of your hand, all you need to do is give our Mobile Trading platform a test run now. The overall experience will enlighten you to new possibilities for success at any time and from any location.

ECN Trading Platform

ECN, or Electronic Communication Network, is a system that inhibits the trading of securities outside of a traditional stock exchange. IFX4U’s ECN system disperses the trader’s positions toward third parties, in order to find a counterpart against which the position is executed. While these positions and limits are matched via the use of the third party, the general transaction fees are much smaller than in other systems. Asset spreads are floating rather than fixed, and often vary at different times in the day, as a direct result of the level of market liquidity at any given time. Since the execution of orders through IFX4U’s ECN network are matched against other traders, there is a great deal of interest on the company’s behalf that its traders trading experience and performance are successful and therefore long-lasting.

The type of execution of trades in the Foreign Exchange market is enough to be the difference between a profitable and losing portfolio. While most standard trading account incorporate re-quotes, as a result of market movements, IFX4U’s ECN program implements a true instant execution system, where the trader’s positions are entered immediately regardless of market volatility. When market movements are sudden and often, it can be very difficult to enter a position, since the platform would continue to send new prices for the purchase or sale of a particular asset. Conversely, with IFX4U’s ECN account, the trader will be entered into the position immediately, in turn allowing for a more accurate and desirable trading performance.

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