Safety of funds

Secure trading and a Safe environment

At IFX4U, we emphasize integrity as a critical part of our daily operations. Providing clients with financial security for internet trading has become a leading priority, and we have worked tirelessly to build a safe and secure trading environment for our traders at all times. All client personal details are strictly confidential, and are stored in accordance with all legal restrictions.

In order to better protect our clients’ funds, we have taken further steps by placing client funds with the third party major financial institution, segregated from IFX4U’s operating capital. The separation of client funds from company operations protects and limits the exposure of our clients from the risks incurred by the company. Client funds remain neutral, and are protected by the constant supervision by an independent third party, thus providing our clients with the peace of mind that has eluded them at other companies.

IFX4U's ECN accounts: Trades and funds are granted by an Interbank liquidity provider that ensures maximum stability and transparency over every trade opened by IFX4U's clients.

The safety of your funds is extremely important, and IFX4U has therefore taken extraordinary steps to ensure you receive the security you need.